A Mighty Warrior

Web MD

In this video we show what happens as someone tries to get heart healthy after a heart attack. This is the Director’s Cut version. Visit WebMD online to see the client version as well.
VP of Editorial Content by
Stephanie Snipes

EP of Original Content by
Courtney Dixon

Creative by
Coat of Arms

Produced and Directed by
Clara Lehmann & Jonathan Lacocque

Written by
Clara Lehmann

Cinematography by
Curren Sheldon

Lighting Direction & Electric by
James Pizarro

Production Sound by
Luke de Jeu

Edited by
Jonathan Lacocque

Design Direction by
Ryan Butterworth

Motion Design and Animation by
Nidia Dias, Ryan Butterworth, & Steve Savalle

Acting and Voiceover by
Patrick (PK) Dow

Sound Design & Mixing by
Matt Sauro

“Light of the Morning (Instrumental) by

“Parallels” by
Abstract Aprils

“Small Hands” by

All Music Courtesy of

Special Thanks to
Andrea Pacetti & Victoria Vinci for coordinating locations with us. And to the Cleveland Clinic for allowing our crew to film at the Hospital.