Arrow Electronics

It’s time for the last installment of our series with Arrow Electronics—all about Security! 

Where does innovation lead? The Arrow Electronics “innovation” animation series elegantly details how one idea can lead to another. Created to highlight the expansive world of electronics, each video illustrates how Arrow Electronics works towards the next “big idea” by helping connect people with technology that makes life better.

Follow along this video series to learn more about Arrow’s ‘Five Years Out’ way of thinking.

Client: Arrow
SVP, Chief Marketing Officer: Victor Gao
VP, Global Communications: John Hourigan
Director, Brand Management: Hugo Meyer

Agency/Creative: AspenCore Studio
Creative Director/Producer: Spencer Millard

Writer: Thomas Hripko

Design & Animation Studio:
Coat of Arms

CD & Visual Script:
Clara Lehmann

CD & Editing:
Jonathan Lacocque

Associate Producing:
Grace Lawson

Art Direction:
Haewon Shin


Whitney Lam

Design Direction:
Ryan Butterworth

Latham Arnott 

Cel Animation:
Whitney Lam

Additional Animation:
Ryan Butterworth

Coupe Studios/Nova Nimbus

Sound Design & Mix:
Sarah Krohn

Maria Drangel