Over the past year and a half, we’ve partnered with Axon to create a campaign of videos for their products. Axon’s on a mission to make the bullet obsolete and offers de-escalation tools that protect all life. We’re proud of the work Axon does and the ways they’re transforming public safety. Here’s a montage from the Axon videos we crafted.
Client leads
Lorisa Holland, Thomas Prowell, & Tony Biaggne

Creative by
Coat of Arms

Creative Direction by
Clara Lehmann & Jonathan Lacocque

Design Direction by
Ryan Butterworth

Associate Producing by
Grace Lawson


Edit by
Ryan Butterworth & Jonathan Lacocque

Design & Animation by
Arm Sattavorn, Cameron Spencer, Pedro Fleming, & Ryan Butterworth

Additional Design by
Nocky Dinh

Voiceover by
Todd Barsness

Music Track: “Revolver” by
The Heavy Twelves – Courtesy of Audiosocket

Sound Design & Mix by
Jerry Walterick