ISR | Director’s Cut

Arrow Electronics

Axon’s mission is to avoid lethal force in policing and ensure all parties are able to get home safely when it comes to police and community interactions. With a huge network of products and software expansions, they are now working to help the US military improve efficiency, safety, and communication in similar ways. Previously, each military branch worked in silos, often separated from each other. This short 3D video teases the ways in which the Axon ISR platform transforms military communication across different branches of government and various projects taking place across the globe.

Client: Axon
Client Leads:
Doug Sand, Kelsey Carey, Tony Biaggne

Creative Direction and Writing:
Clara Lehmann and Jonathan Lacocque

Design Director:
Ryan Butterworth

Associate Producer:
Grace Lawson

Design and Animation:
Alex Maltsev, Brody Davis, Pedro Fleming,
Peiqing Lu, Ryan Butterworth, Victoria Kociman

Ryan Butterworth and Jonathan Lacocque

Voiceover (client version):
Todd Barsness

Matt Stanfield

Sound Design/Mix:
Sarah Krohn