Death Loves Life

Coat of Arms

Synopsis: Young and beautiful, Life is enthralled with the world around her. Death is enamored by Life’s innocence and vivacity, but his attempts to connect with her are fleeting. Despite Death’s awkward and destructive path, Life recovers from each loss with graceful fortitude. In Death’s gloom, a passionate love for Life blossoms.
Directed & Produced by
Clara Lehmann & Jonathan Lacocque

Written by
Clara Lehmann

Edited by
Jonathan Lacocque

Art Direction/Illustration by
Henrique Lira

End Typography by
Isabella de Lião

Motion Design & Animation by
Ricardo Nilsson

Additional Animation by
Rachel Yonda

Original Music by
Marius Kirsten

Sound Design by
Shawn Wilson

Surround Design & Mix by
Matt Sauro & BAM Studios

Voices by
Elaine McMillion Sheldon & Kerrin Sheldon