James on the Rock

O Pioneer

In Coat of Arms’ feature documentary, O Pioneer, cast member James Morley shares a story from his upbringing in Tennessee. It’s a beautiful story that shows the power our grandparents or parents can play in our lives and future careers.

Learn more about O Pioneer at opioneer.com. 

Directors and Producers:
Clara Lehmann and Jonathan Lacocque

Design Director:
Ryan Butterworth

Art Director:
Haewon Shin

Grace Lawson




Character Design:
Friedrich Detering, Haewon Shin, Whitney Lam

Environment Design:
Haewon Shin, Nuria Boj Negrete, Ryan Butterworth

Anna Taberko, Laura Büchert Schjødt, Amélie Coquelet, Peiqing Lu, Friedrich Detering