Opening Titles | O Pioneer

Coat of Arms

This title sequence is for our documentary film, O Pioneer!

The titles tell a story. The terrain is built from real maps from the Appalachian mountains, each character is represented abstractly, and there are hidden messages that unfold in the bigger story.

Specifically, we modeled Nellie’s pin cushion, a train similar to what we filmed in James’ back yard, and the Green Bank satellites from a field trip Tim takes with his daughters. We’re so thankful for a gifted team that made these possible.

Learn more about the film and where you can watch it at Vote for O Pioneer in The Webby Awards at 

O Pioneer

Creative Directors & Producers:
Clara Lehmann and Jonathan Lacocque

Associate Producer:
Grace Lawson

Design Director:
Ryan Butterworth




    Art Direction & Senior Motion Designer:
    Chris Moberg

    Original Design Exploration:
    Pedro Fleming

    Designer & Animator:
    Peiqing Lu

    ‘Ani Kuni’ by Polo & Pan

    Sound Design & Mix:
    BAM Studios and Matt Sauro