Reaction Time in 360˚

Web MD

We had a great deal of fun putting this 360˚ video about reaction time together. Our second video like this, we tried to utilize 360 space a bit more, which made for a big challenge, especially with us rendering everything in 8k.
VP of Editorial Content:
Stephanie Stipes

EP of Original Content:
Courtney Dixon

Creative by
Coat of Arms

Produced & Directed by
Clara Lehmann & Jonathan Lacocque

Written by
Clara Lehmann

Edited by
Jonathan Lacocque

Design Direction by
Ryan Butterworth

Design by
Chris Moberg, Nidia Dias, and Ryan Butterworth

Motion Design & Animation by
Chase Hoch, Chris Moberg, and Ryan Butterworth

Voiceover by
Kristen Krall

Sound Design & Mixing by
Jerry Walterick

Music by

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