StoryBots | All Aboard the CH Sound Choo Choo


Filled with endearing characters, infinitely creative design, and valuable lessons, StoryBots is one of our favorite shows on Netflix. Which is why creating music videos for ‘Learn to Read with StoryBots’ was one of the best parts of 2021 for us.

The first song we get to share with you is all about the ‘CH’ sound. Hop on a train traveling through the happiest mountains, relax with a crocodile, or do some chores with the cutest chinchillas.

Thank you to the entire StoryBots team!

StoryBots (Netflix)

Series Director:
Evan Spiridellis

Colin Lepper

Scott Emmons

Jason Wyatt

Composer, Musician, & Singer:
Gabe Sokoloff

Adam Przybylski


Educational Advisor:
Nina Neulight

Creative Directors:
Clara Lehmann & Jonathan Lacocque

Associate Producer:
Grace Lawson

Art Director (Design & Illustration):
Aaron Ray

Additional Style Exploration:
Whitney Lam

Latham Arnott

Addtional Animation:
Phong Luong & Hieu Vu